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MIC - My Ideal City
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The Pavilion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva is a partner in a European project which aims to encourage the communication in science and technology on a European dimension, through museums and science centres. Specifically this project will produce a virtual exhibition on ideal cities and also highlight aspects and details of four cities (Copenhagen, Jerusalem, Lisbon and Trento), raising awareness to the need of communication between science, technology, institutions and people.

The Pavilion of Knowledge together with Museo Tridentino di Scienzi Naturali and IUAV – University of Venice in Italy, Experimentarium in Denmark and Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem will offer visitors the possibility of being in touch with a virtual "ideal city" by sharing practices between different partners in the development of virtual environments and also to encourage the communication in urban planning.

The project started in June 2009 and will be developed for two years, planning to launch the virtual exhibition in the summer of 2010. (more)

Open Science Resources
Logo Open Science Resources

The Open Science Resources is a project co-financed by the European Commission under the eContentplus, with 36 months duration. Started in June 2009, the project aims to create a repository of scientific digital objects - nowadays scattered in museums and science centres around Europe - making them more accessible and available, as well as more applicable in formal and informal learning contexts.

Through the OSR portal, the users will be able to examine the available digital collections in museums and science centres in Europe following pathways that link the educational objectives with other relevant information enriching the contents by placing tags of your choice. The project will also propose a Roadmap.

This instrument will include recommendations and guidelines for the development of contents in science education and pedagogical activities. During the development of this project the Pavilion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva joins more 19 entities from museums, science centres, universities and educational foundations, and having as coordinator the European Network of Science Centres and Museums - ECSITE. (more)


Projecto Hulda
Logo Hulda

The Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciencia Viva is the Portuguese partner of the European project Hulda that will travel through 10 European ports in a century-old sailboat bringing on board an Art&Science exhibition. The trip will link the cities of Stockholm and Istanbul and will take several months. In September 2009 Hulda sailboat docked in Lisbon, in the area of Parque das Nações, where visitors could see some masterpieces of the Turkish artist Ilhan Koman. The project Hulda is an initiative of the Ilhan Koman Foundation for Arts & Cultures. Alongside with the exhibition, each partner presented a set of activities for the youngsters near the sailboat. (more)


Projecto Time for Nano
Logo Time for Nano

The Pavilion of Knowledge is a partner of the Time for Nano project whose main goal is to stimulate the public participation, particularly the young people in the debate about Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, as well as the opportunities and risks associated to its development in society. The journey around this theme will enable youth participation in European competition over N&N, production of a Nano-kit and implementation of training courses for teachers. This project involves over 12 European institutions that will unite efforts allowing the integration of this subject into the daily live of youngsters and students and also giving tools to teachers to be included in their teaching practices. (more)


Projecto Pilots

In order to share good working practices between explainers from museums and science centres around Europe, the Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciencia Viva is involved in the Pilots project. The project will promote four training courses for explainers as well as create a platform on the Internet where museum professionals can share working tools, educational activities and articles resulting from research on this topic. In this project, the Pavilion of Knowledge joins ECSITE (Belgium), Technopolis (Belgium), Hisa Experimentov (Slovenia), Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie (France), Sissa Medialab (Italy) and Fondazione Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Technology "Leonardo da Vinci (Italy) to build a set of training materials to enhance the role and function of explainers in museums or science centres. (more)


Projecto GAPP

For two years the project GAPP aimed to encourage young people, particularly girls, to pursue studies and careers in Science, Technology and Engineering. Several discussion groups were promoted among students of 9th and 12th grades, teachers and parents. Parallel interviews were carried out to various personalities from scientific researchers, entrepreneurs, directors of science parks and politicians.

The final product of this project was the development of Scientist's Blog, whose main objective was to allow the approach of youngsters and researchers in various scientific fields. (more)



Permanent EuropeaN resource Centre for Informal Learning

The Pavilion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva was the Portuguese partner of the Pencil project (Permanent EuropeaN resource Centre for Informal Learning). This project involved 14 European countries and was coordinated by the network of museums and science centres which form ECSITE, combining intervention programs on the field with academic research to address the informal science education. (more)

Minerva – ODL (Open Distance Learning)

The Minerva - ODL project was designed to promote the work of experts in science education and the use of informal education using sources outside the school. (more)

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